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    • 12 Oct 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Hexagon's Tucson office (and virtual)


    Join us for our next SME Tucson Hybrid Meeting! For those that want to join us in person, please go ahead and make your reservation. Hexagon has graciously allowed us to host this event at their office and is our venue/food/drink sponsor.

    Make sure to select your meal when making your reservation. Reservation deadline is Friday, October 7th, at noon.  If you choose to join virtually, you will receive a link prior to the event.

    All in-person attendees will be required to complete a COVID screening, which will be sent prior to the event.

    Program: Florence Copper Update

    Meeting sponsor:


    Venue, food, and beverage sponsor:

    Speaker: Sophie Dessart, Manager of Communications and Public Affairs


    Geologists from around the world have visited the small rural town of Florence, Arizona. Why? The orebody in Florence is unique, perfect for an innovative, proven, and environmentally responsible mining method known as in-situ copper recovery (ISCR). Florence Copper already has produced over 1 million pounds of copper using ISCR and is poised to move into commercial operations soon. In this talk, Sophie Dessart, the Manager of Communications and Public Affairs at Florence Copper, will share more about the project, ISCR, and Florence Copper’s path to becoming America’s next major copper producer.


    • 6:00pm - 7:00pm Social Hour
    • 7:00pm - 7:45pm   Dinner
    • 7:45pm - 8:00pm Announcements (START OF VIRTUAL MEETING)
    • 8:00pm - 8:30pm Program
    • 8:30pm - 8:45pm Q&A

    Location: HEXAGON, 40 E Congress St #300, Tucson, AZ 85701. CLICK FOR MAP.

    • $45 for SME Tucson members
    • $55 for non-members
    • Free for UA SME Student Chapter members
    • Free for virtual attendees

    Payable at the door by cash, credit card, or check payable to SME Tucson.

    Cancellations and No Shows:
    Please call or email by the registration deadline to cancel.  If you do not cancel your reservation by the deadline, SME is still required to pay for your dinner and you will in turn be billed. Thank you. 

    Virtual Meeting Information will be sent to registrants.

    Thank you to all our 2021 Scholarship Fundraiser sponsors: 

    Hexagon Mining - Stantec - Freeport-McMoRan Sierrita Operations - GroundProbeIndependent Mining ConsultantsAmes ConstructionAusencoGolder Associates / WSPKE&G ConstructionM3 Engineering & TechnologyMontgomery & AssociatesPioneer EquipmentVerdad Group LLC - WoodBoart LongyearFlorence Copper - McCraren Compliance - Southwest EnergySRK ConsultingDr. Brad RossCori HoagMayes ConsultingWestLand Resources

    • 04 Nov 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Kingan Gardens


     SME Tucson Section's
    2022 Annual Scholarship Fundraiser!

    Put on your best boots and hat and join us on Friday, November 4th at Kingan Gardens for SME Tucson's Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The section will be honoring students who have excelled in their pursuit of degrees in mining and related fields through the University of Arizona.  We will be enjoying good food, great friends, music, and a hosted bar!


    Individual Dinner Tickets ($85 for members, $100 for non-members)


    Please go to our Become a Sponsor to register and make your donation. Add your attendees to the comment section so that we can register your attendees. You can also send us your Sponsor Registration Form or send us an email with your list.

    Tickets not reserved by October 22, 2022 will be donated to students.

    *Please see Walk-Ins Policy below

    If you do not have the names of all your guests, please register them as follows:

    First Name: “Guest #1, 2, 3, etc."
    Last Name: “Company Name”
    Meal Selection: You must make this selection for them in advance


    This special rate is only available to students who meet BOTH the following criteria:

    1) Currently enrolled at the University of Arizona

    2) Are an active part of the SME Student Chapter

    *Please see Cancellations and No Shows Policy below


    Tickets for student guests must be purchased at the General Admission rate.

    *Please see Cancellations and No Shows Policy below

    5. BADGES

    All name badges will be printed with the information provided during the online registration process and/or your Sponsor Registration Form. Please be certain to utilize correct spelling.

    6. WALK-INS

    Walk-Ins cannot be accepted for this event.  

    If you have not registered by the deadline, please contact SME Tucson at to request to be put on a wait list for any cancellations.


    You must contact SME Tucson at 72 BUSINESS hours in advance to cancel. If you do not cancel your reservation by the deadline, SME Tucson Section is still required to pay in which case you will remain financially responsible for the full cost of your reservation.


    Attendee substitutions may be made after October 22, 2022. To make a substitution or donate a paid reservation when no one is able to attend, please contact SME Tucson at









    (1 YEAR)



    Mother Lode

    $5,000.00 +
















    Big Nugget







    Pay Dirt

















    Thank you to our current sponsors!

    Bonanza $3500

    Pay Dirt $1000+

    If you would like to donate, please register with your desired sponsorship level. If you would prefer to pay by check, please make a check payable to “SME Tucson Section” and send to: SME Tucson Section, PO Box 65931 Tucson, AZ  85728.

    Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please email us at:

    SME Tucson Section

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11 Jan 2017 Planning for Safety and Compliance in 2017: What you need to know from MSHA, OSHA & State Mine Inspector
09 Nov 2016 Caterpillar Global Mining - Surface Mining & Technology Division with John Oliver
22 Oct 2016 2016 Scholarship Fundraiser at Savoy Opera House
14 Sep 2016 Excelsior Mining-Gunnison and Johnson Camp Update with Stephen Twyerould, CEO
10 Aug 2016 OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission to Bennu: Reaching New Horizons
13 Jul 2016 MineBLAST 2016
08 Jun 2016 Arizona Mining - Hermosa Project and Taylor Deposit Updates with Don Taylor, COO, Arizona Mining
11 May 2016 Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Moly Operations Update with Harry 'Red" Conger, President and COO for Americas & Africa Mining
03 May 2016 Mining Appreciation Dinner & IDEAS 2016 Conference at Port of Tucson
23 Apr 2016 2016 Annual Spring Meeting Field Trip
09 Apr 2016 2016 SME Operators' BBQ at U of A San Xavier Mining Lab
09 Mar 2016 Retrofit of Converter Operations at ASARCO's Hayden Smelter with Joseph Wilhelm & Jack Garrity
10 Feb 2016 Cupric Canyon Capital’s Kalahari Copper Belt Development & Factors that Impact the Long Term Copper Market with Tim Snider
13 Jan 2016 Mine Tailing Drainage: A Bottoms Up Approach Using HDD Drilling and Installation Methods
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11 Nov 2015 Agnico Eagle Mines - Carol Plummer
17 Oct 2015 2015 Scholarship Fundraiser at Savoy Opera House
09 Sep 2015 UA Department of Mining & Geologic Engineering Update with Dr. John Kemeny
12 Aug 2015 Production from Arizona Mineral Districts as Categorized by Geochemistry and Geologic Time by Jan Rasmussen
08 Jul 2015 MineBLAST 2015
10 Jun 2015 Grasberg Block Cave Shaft Development
13 May 2015 Geology of Ore Deposits - Dr. Spencer Titley
18 Apr 2015 SME Operators' BBQ at U of A San Xavier Mining Lab
11 Mar 2015 Lhoist Industrial Minerals Mining Operations
11 Feb 2015 Workforce Development Challanges
14 Jan 2015 Mining and Sustainable Development: Oxymoron or RX for a Bright Future?
07 Dec 2014 SME 2014 Arizona Conference
12 Nov 2014 Dr. Jaehon Lee, U of A Associate Professor
11 Oct 2014 2014 Fundraiser Party at Savoy Opera House
10 Sep 2014 Mike Humphries, Hudbay Minerals
13 Aug 2014 Dr. Lee Allison, The Arizona Geological Survey
11 Jul 2014 MineBlast 2014
11 Jun 2014 Joe Bardswich, Northern Vertex Mining Corp.
14 May 2014 Steve Trussell & Eric J. Mears - Arizona Rock Products Industry
12 Apr 2014 SME Operators' BBQ at U of A San Xavier Mining Lab
12 Mar 2014 Tom Goodell, Resolution Copper
12 Feb 2014 Steve Winkleman, Pinto Valley
08 Jan 2014 Volker Spieth, VS Globalmetal
08 Dec 2013 SME 2013 Arizona Conference
13 Nov 2013 Tucson Attorney Marian LaLonde Presents, "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"
12 Oct 2013 2013 Fundraiser Party at Savoy Opera House
11 Sep 2013 Dr. Momayez presents "MGE 2020: New Students, New Projects, and New Pathways to Growth"
14 Aug 2013 UA Mining Alumni Will Werner and Matt Bradford present "Implementation of Systems Towards Restarting the Newgold Mesquite Mine Imperial County, California from 2008 to Present"
08 May 2013 LED Lighting for Operational Safety, Visual Comfort and Optimal Total Cost of Ownership in Mining Operations
14 Apr 2013 Annual SME Operators BBQ at UA's San Xavier Mine
13 Mar 2013 Erich Smidt, GuardVant
13 Feb 2013 Bullfrog Gold
09 Jan 2013 ASARCO Hayden Anode Furnace Update
02 Dec 2012 SME 2012 Arizona Conference
14 Nov 2012 Oracle Ridge Copper
13 Oct 2012 2012 Fundraiser Party at Savoy Opera House
12 Sep 2012 Resolution Copper
08 Aug 2012 St. Cloud Mining
13 Jun 2012 Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Mining Industry, with Cliff Brandon
09 May 2012 David Weickhardt, General Manager, Pinto Valley
07 Apr 2012 Annual SME Operators BBQ at UA's San Xavier Mine
14 Mar 2012 Dale Ortman, Consultant, Reclamation of Tailings & Waste Rock at Asarco Mission
08 Feb 2012 Commonwealth Silver-Gold Epithermal Deposit, New Exploration Supported by Current Metals Prices
11 Jan 2012 Rosemont Alternatives Development and NEPA Discussed, with Bev Everson, USFS
04 Dec 2011 SME 2011 Arizona Conference
03 Dec 2011 2011 Mining Foundation of the Southwest Mining Awards Banquet
09 Nov 2011 Rare Earth Mineral Development with Ross Bhappu, Molycorp Chairman of the Board
22 Oct 2011 2011 Fundraiser Party at Savoy Opera House
14 Sep 2011 Challenges in Development of Mineral Resources with Tim Snider
10 Aug 2011 Parana TiO2 Project with David Lowell and Martin Kuhn
08 Jun 2011 HDI Curis' Florence Copper Project with Dan Johnson and Rustyn Sherer
11 May 2011 Bell Copper with Tim Marsh, President of Bell Copper
09 Apr 2011 Annual SME Operators BBQ at UA's San Xavier Mine
09 Mar 2011 Freeport-McMoRan Americas with Red Conger
09 Feb 2011 Wildcat Silver's Hardshell Project with Chris Jones, President & CEO
12 Jan 2011 Atacama Desert: Water Supply Challenges with Errol Montgomery
05 Dec 2010 SME 2010 Arizona Conference
04 Dec 2010 28th Annual American Mining Hall of Fame Awards Banquet and Fundraiser
10 Nov 2010 A Digital Revolution in Resource Exploration with Lee Allison, Arizona Geological Survey
16 Oct 2010 2010 Annual Fundraiser & Social - Hawaiian Luau
08 Sep 2010 Robotics in Mining with Chris Brown, Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
01 Sep 2010 2010 AHS Symposium: Dryland Hydrology: Global Challenges, Local Solutions
11 Aug 2010 Goldcorp's Penasquito Project with Alan Hernandez, Project Engineer
09 Jun 2010 General Moly's Mt. Hope Project with Bob Pennington
12 May 2010 ASARCO Ray Operations with Steve Holmes
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14 Mar 2010 UA Short Course Series
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28 Feb 2010 2010 SME National Annual Meeting & Exhibit
27 Feb 2010 2010 Crooked Stick Golf Tournament (UA Student Chapter)
10 Feb 2010 The Next Step in Mining Technology with Michael Maier, Empire Southwest
13 Jan 2010 Rosemont Copper Update with Fermin Samorano, Mine Manager
06 Dec 2009 SME 2009 Arizona Conference
05 Dec 2009 2009 Mininng Hall of Fame Awards Banquet and Fundraiser
05 Dec 2009 14th Annual Diggers & Duffers Golf Tournament
11 Nov 2009 November Dinner Meeting -- Will Wilkinson, President of SME and Vice President of Freeport-McMoRan Exploration Africa
10 Oct 2009 2009 Annual Fundraiser & Social
09 Sep 2009 September Dinner Meeting -- Post-Mining Land Use: Tailings Ponds as Solar Energy Farms
12 Aug 2009 August Dinner Meeting -- David Salisbury, President of Resolution Copper
10 Jun 2009 Potash Mining in New Mexico sponsored by Mintec
13 May 2009 May SME Dinner Meeting - "An Inconvenient Reality"
09 May 2009 Arizona SME Annual Spring Meeting hosted by ASARCO
25 Apr 2009 Tucson SME Operator's BBQ at San Xavier Student Mine
11 Mar 2009 March SME Dinner Meeting
22 Feb 2009 2009 SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit
11 Feb 2009 February SME Dinner Meeting
14 Jan 2009 January SME Dinner Meeting
07 Dec 2008 Arizona Conference
06 Dec 2008 Mining Foundation of the Southwest Mining Awards Banquet
06 Dec 2008 2008 Diggers and Duffers Golf Tournament
05 Nov 2008 6th Annual Southern Arizona Regional Math & Science Technology Funfest
01 Nov 2008 Annual Scholarship Fundraiser & Social
25 Oct 2008 50th Anniversary San Xavier Mine BBQ
24 Oct 2008 3rd Annual W.C. Lacy Distinguished Lecture - University of Arizona
24 Oct 2008 College of Engineering 45th Annual Engineer's Breakfast
22 Sep 2008 MinExpo
10 Sep 2008 September SME Dinner Meeting
25 Aug 2008 University of Arizona - Fall Semester Starts
13 Aug 2008 August SME Dinner Meeting
12 Mar 2008 March SME Dinner Meeting
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